quick update during a slow month...

ok, so it's been a slow month blogging wise.  you definitely got me there.  but i'll do a quick update and tell you why :)

i'm kind of past that whole "i'm enjoying doing nothing until i start school" thing and i have decided to try and do as much as i can before i start school.  yeah, a bit of a change in philosophy. but i just happened to get involved in a few things lately that have been hard to turn down.  first of all, i'm doing lots more volunteering with olive branch - be sure to sign up for their mailing lists, as i'm going to be helping out with the newsletters! i'm volunteering every friday before i head off to work, in addition to whatever i can help out with via my laptop at home.  i'm really excited to be doing something more meaningful with my spare time and utilizing my "talents" in some way.

and then... well, it's campaign season.  don't worry, i won't get all political in the blog.  but during obama's 2008 run for president, i did some volunteering - just phone bank kind of stuff.  but we were living in brooklyn, where the whole state was going blue, and there wasn't much of a challenge.  i figured since i am going back to school for public policy anyway i should get a bit more involved in the political scene around denver.  colorado is going to be a major swing state in next year's election and i feel like i can really help make a difference around here.  last weekend i dragged two of my girlfriends door-to-door canvassing with me and had an awesome time!  i had one of the local campaign organizers call me today and we are getting together saturday to come up with more ideas for visibility in our neighborhood - so that will be yet another thing to spend my time on.  but i'm getting excited!  the political discussions are getting me geared up for school and ready for whatever debates may come my way in classes this fall.  i'll need to be prepared, after all... once i'm in class i can't end debates the way i do with philip (us telling each other to shut up or kissing to make the other one stop talking).

we've also had some series of events in the last week that have prevented anything productive from taking place - a trip to the ER, a car break in and a few emergencies at work that have made longer days a necessary reality.

and, to be honest, i'm trying to not spend too much time at home.  it's so damn hot here most of my evenings are spent in the yoga room on my mat in front of the fan.  i can't even bring myself to do too much weeding in the front yard, which desperately needs done BTW.  any takers? ;)

another big morning meeting for me - but stay tuned for more updates!  and sign up for that newsletter!