thrifting + tea: a blogger's day out.

it's always fun to have things to do during the day.  there are some days that i love to sit at the table all day, writing.  and some days that are meant for working on the couch.  but, some days... some days are meant to be enjoying the city with blogger friends.

like thrifting and having afternoon tea.

i've always loved thrifting.  my very first couch, the first grown-up thing i bought with my own money, was from decade in denver.  it was a 50s floral number, looked like brand new, and only cost me $140.  it was the first thing i bought from a thrift store.  and, until my recent trip to the cambridge antique mart, it was the only thing i had bought from a thrift store. 

enter smita + ana, who brought me to the. best. antique mart. ever.

[warning - a lot of pictures, only a few words.]

wouldn't you be this happy if you found an aj frost action figure?
smita rooting through vintage postcards

after the thrift market, we walked over to tatte in kendall square for tea + sweets.

but i finally got what everyone was talking about when it comes to thrifting.  i always loved looking in antique markets, but never really found anything i had to have.  but look at these little lovelies...

they look so pretty on my vanity tray!
can't wait to wrap this around my head in the humidity.
going to dye this bad boy bright blue and toss it over my entry table.
BEST find of the day. talked her down to $30.
can't wait to hang that poster up - just need a frame. 

anyway.  it was a pretty great day.  i've made some awesome friends out here and