color story [trying to be a planner].

i'm not much of a planner.  i'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-skirt kind of gal.  i get an idea, and once that idea lodges itself in my mind it just doesn't go away until i do it.  that's the kind of planning i do.

it's kind of a wonder that our house looks as decent as it looks.  it's not necessarily very cohesive, but it works together for the most part.  the guest room is a little off.  julian's room is amazing but doesn't really go with the rest of the house.

so as i started coming up with alllllllll these great ideas for the new house, something made me pause.  i didn't want each room, or even just each floor, to have its own feel.  i want the whole house to have a feel.  i don't just want our bedroom to be an oasis... i want the whole house to feel like that for us.  i thought there had to be a better way.  and then i came upon the idea of a color story.  you know, where you comb through your pinterest boards and find your inspiration.  go into your closet and see what the colors you wear the most are.  take stock of your existing furniture and decoration and see what you gravitate towards.  and then you narrow down to just a couple colors for the whole house in the same family.  

and on sunday, as i was on grammy-and-husband-mandated 'bed rest' thanks to some early braxton hicks contractions and a finger shaking from my midwife, i put together the color story for our new house.  here's the inspiration so far.

i'm thinking two shades of white for the new house, a shade of grey, and probably a blue and an aquamarine.  those will be the base colors of the house, with some wood and gold accents thrown on.  each room in the house will be one of these colors [the whole house needs to be painted inside].  we'll use the same grey shade for the kitchen cabinets.  it's perfect.  both of our couches are grey.  julian's room is already white and everything goes with it.  our master bedroom is versatile but has blues and wood throughout.

that fireplace tile is going to happen.  those curtains with the tassels will definitely have a new home somewhere in the house -- maybe the living room or master bedroom.  and that wallpaper is for the downstairs bathroom.

another great thing about planning like this is that it means minimal purchasing of things for the new house.  we can find places for all of the stuff we already have, maybe rearranging where things go -- the poster above our mantel now can go into the basement, or along the stairs heading to the second floor.  the few purchases will be for the new baby's room.  a couple blue-hued vintage rugs [i'm starting to scour craigslist and ebay].  the white faux taxidermy deer head i've been lusting over for a year.  a couple new curtains.  a rug for the formal dining room [we've never had one of those before!] and hopefully, that's about it.

it's getting me excited.  and with all the packing and mayhem going on around here, it's something happy and positive to focus on.

and don't worry, there's much more where that came from.

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i know you were worried.

it's the most wonderful time of the year.

once upon a time i used to be a sports blogger.  i wrote for a blog that sadly no longer exists called thin air sports, and i was their writer for all things hockey.  mostly i wrote about the avalanche, to the surprise of no one at all.  from live-blogging martin bodeur's record-breaking attempts to calling adrian dater stupid, i did it all.  and now no one really listens to me talk hockey except for philip, because he has to, and my dad, who just talks over me and says really smart things like 'patrick roy sucks,' and my brother, who has been doing great things like writing 'i'm gay for jose' on a whiteboard at the avs game with me for YEARS.

for me, today is like the first day of the christmas season.  the kind of season where you got all your christmas shopping done early, so you don't have to stress AT ALL.  this is how i feel today.  i can sit back and enjoy the playoffs knowing my team didn't make it  [*sniff sniff* go avs] instead of having a legitimate panic attack at a bar during conference semi-finals when we have to face the red wings.  author's note: yes, that actually happened.  but here we go.  it's christmas!  or maybe even better!  because instead of eggnog it's beer, instead of carols it's marek v. wyshynski, instead of fancy party dresses it's playoff beards, instead of festive films it's non-stop playoff hockey, and instead of all that good-natured crap it's me yelling at the tv and hugging a pillow to my chest.

there's politics, there's religion, and then there's hockey.  in my family, the greatest debate of all time has not been about taxes or political parties, but rather patrick roy's place in the line of greatest netminders of all time.  it's what we do.  loyalties are tested this time of year.  my dad is a die-hard rangers fan who lives in boston.  my brother left denver for boston years ago and his allegiance to the avs has been waining, especially since he goes to as many bruins games as he can.  philip didn't even know hockey existed before we met [kidding], but he's joined ranks with my dad as a rangers fan.  and i am left rooting for the avs, all by myself, usually.  but this year, there are no avs.  no duchene breakaways, no brilliant saves from varly.

and so today i am the girl blowing off yoga class to drink beer and cheer for the caps, then switch to the montreal-ottawa game during commercial breaks.

should be a good night.

ps - in case anyone cares, i'll be sharing my bracket picks on twitter.

being real.

if you follow me on instagram, i just want you to know i do not hate being a mom.

let me explain.
over a month ago, philip and i had a double date night with one of our go-to couples.  they hadn't seen us since we were pre-baby, so there was lots of catching up to do.  we settled in to a back corner booth, ordered some cold beer flights and spicy barbeque.  it wasn't long before the conversation turned to parenthood.

"so what's it like being parents?' they asked.

words fell out of our mouths faster than our friends could even listen to them.  we gushed over baby kisses and confessed to sleepless nights.  philip laughed describing our little one's laugh, and i got chocked up talking about how much my love for him consumes me, apologizing for still being so hormonal.

our friends looked at each other with wide eyes.  i kicked philip under the table, worried we were scaring them out of ever making the leap to parenthood.  "what?" philip asked him.

"it's just... it's like a roller coaster," they said.

i laughed.  these two who didn't yet have any kids had summed up parenthood better than i ever could. it's like a roller coaster.  because it is like a roller coaster.

mommyhood has left me with less time to blog than before.  i am too tired at night, laundry baskets overflowing, cats hungry, dishes waiting.  i have less motivation to write because of all it takes out of me.  during the day, i forget about twitter.  and facebook is just too much, so that rarely happens either.  but i am constantly snapping photos - of the baby, of his lunch, what made him giggle, how he napped clutching his puppy, what we are doing outside - mostly due to philip's travel schedule with work.  so i instagram.

but, as everyone and their mama knows and everyone and their mama has blogged about [yes, even me], instagram has this way of not always being super real.  we only share our best photos, always with the best filters applied.  as i heard one blogger put it at the hundred event, 'there's enough ugly in the world. i just want to put out the beauty in every day life.' we are all guilty of this.  and that's ok.

i try to instagram every day, and just as motherhood goes, some days are better than others.  some days it's all my little one playing in the leaves, because that's what happened that day.  but other days... well, other days are less good.  like yesterday.  when the baby wakes up an hour earlier than usual, screaming, and things go downhill from there because you are all alone.

every day, on rough days too, i love being a mama.  because even on the darkest of days - especially on those days - there are sweet spots.  baby cuddles.  moments where he wants to be held, just by his mama.

sometimes i feel a duty to other mamas to be honest about what it's really like.  to share the bad days along with the good.  some days are so good it's almost unreal, and others leave me crawling into bed at night utterly defeated.  but none of these things mean i hate motherhood, nor should they make anyone scared to do it themselves.  because in the end, it's always, always worth it.

 because even on our sick and grouchy days, i get baby cuddles like this.