travelogue // seattle.

i know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seat to know how seattle was.  well, i am here to finally end the suspense and let you know this: seattle was amazing.  like santa claus.  at disneyland.  on prozac.  GETTING LAID.  [i've been watching a lot of friends lately.]  so now you can rest easy tonight.

i guess a month is the standard turn around time on my blog right now, because, you know, i like to sleep and drink wine in front of my fireplace and not so much with the blogging lately.  but i find my mind shifting back to seattle often these days, dreaming of cold apple cider and fresh oysters as the snow falls and the temperature drops here at home.

FRIDAY // checked into hotel 1000 where we were served champagne upon our arrival and immediately informed we had been upgraded.  i'm not one to leave reviews or rave about service, but if you are looking for someplace to stay in seattle this is where you need to go.  the service we received was consistently above and beyond [psssst -- moms -- they even let me pump in their spa after they couldn't give us a late enough checkout to let me pump before we left for the airport] and the location is stellar.  by the time we got settled it was kind of late, so it was a quick dinner at brave horse tavern for us and then off to sleeeeeeeeeep.

SATURDAY // had seattle coffee works coffee [my first taste of a chemex brew, and lemme just say ohhhmyyyygodddd.] and a vegan donut delivered to me by philip while i took a soak in our ginormous bathtub.  it was absolutely gorgeous outside, so we took a leisurely walk up to the market to start our seattle adventure.  we sampled everything we could - my fave was lavender apple cider - and decided it would be a day to eat and drink our way through the city.  since philip had indulged in a gourmet grilled cheese at beecher's my dairy avoidance led us to steelhead diner for some light snacks for lunch.  just a few steps away was rachel's ginger beer, where we toasted our hibiscus [mine] and blood orange [his] mules.

we did some great shopping that afternoon, stopping in so much yarn, where i picked up two fabulous colors to practice my new crochet skills with.  then we walked down to poppy's vintage [couldn't find a website!] and stopped in to watson kennedy, which i instantly became obsessed with and where i picked up some goods for the house.  i could have stayed in there for at least another hour if i didn't desperately have to run back to our hotel room to pump before our big night out.  and this is where i admit that i owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of you who recommended walrus + the carpenter.  i had genuinely one of the best meals of my life.  ALL THE TOMATOES AND ALL THE OYSTERS PLEASE.  for real.  and perhaps the best part was the wait for the table, which we endured next door at barnacle bar, and where i discovered voyager gin.  GET ON THAT PEOPLE.  too many martinis led into too many oysters which led to another bar down the block which led to us being so high on philip's 30th birthday that we started planning mine.  so if you got a random text about karaoke in february, that was your formal invitation to my 30th birthday party.

SUNDAY // turns out sleeping in was just as lovely as i remembered it to be.  we took it a little easy and enjoyed the fall weather, slowly walking to our brunch at tilikum place cafe.  the bloody marys were top notch and we ate nearly everything on the menu [get the dutch babies!].  after, we continued our walk up to the most recognizable spot on seattle's skyline -- the space needle.  since we didn't want to go up and the weather was too nice to go into the museum, we just continued our walk and went down to the water.

our good luck continued that evening and we were shown around by some friends of ours who live in capitol hill.  drinks at von's, late dinner at skillet, and then more drinks at canon where philip enjoyed a 30-year-old scotch.  fitting, no?  i thought so.

MONDAY // for our last day we decided to do a few of the things again that we had loved and not push ourselves to see too much.  we knew that's how this trip would unfold - we would plan and plan and then get there and, giddy with alone time, just eat and drink and walk and sleep.  and so we slept, then walked back through the market and along the water, making our way to etta's for lunch. 

after packing our bags up and getting ready, we headed back to ballard to visit the hiram m. chittenden locks.  i wasn't so sure about it at first, but once we saw the first boat pass through i was so curious we stayed to watch boats move from one body of water to another until we had just an hour before we had to head to the airport.  you'd think i would be embarrassed to admit that we went back to walrus + the carpenter but i am not.  that's how good it was.  oysters fresh and fried, martinis with a twist and with rosemary.  the best end to the trip i could have imagined.   

a special thank you to everyone who gave me recommendations - especially my fellow bloggers ana, bridget, amanda, christie and anna.  i am done with google and guide books now that i know such travel savvy bloggers and instagrammers.  

 have i mentioned my 30 before 30 list is going pretty well?  because it kind of IS.

and now i'm off to plan my 30th birthday trip... only 95 days.