welcome baby lincoln!

don't i just love how often i get to post welcomes to new babies in my family!  the happiest days ever!

baby lincoln was born yesterday morning just after 7:30am to my amazingly strong step-sister kelli.  for reals.  i am so proud of her - it's a whole new appreciation what a woman goes through in labor when you are gearing up to do it yourself.

lincoln came a few weeks early and has been whisked off to the NICU to spend a few days practicing how to breathe, but he will be home very soon with his momma + dad.  i can't wait to get some good pictures to share with you all!

on another note, lincoln is the very last baby due before our baby is due, which makes it all the more real for me.  i'm the last of the preggos...

another new york weekend.

well, it was another weekend away for us.  we've been gone every weekend of october with so much to do and so many family members to see.  there was so much to celebrate this past weekend in new york i could hardly stand it.  everywhere i looked there were blessings to be thankful for, and my heart felt so full.  it was wonderful to be just a short car ride away from celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, and a new baby with my family that used to be a looooong flight away.

my beautiful nanny, oh man is this woman fantastic.
ready for a nice dinner out in the city.  can you spot my ever-growing bump?
me and some fabulous women - my godmother and nanny.
my favorite little girl - princess ella sophia, just 8 days old.
the proud and glowing new momma, my cousin emily, with her beautiful baby.
watching these two guys fawn over princess ella just killed me.  my heart exploded.
we don't have any more trips to new york planned at the moment, except maybe for thanksgiving if  my family doesn't stay in boston.  but next weekend we are away again - off to houston, texas [my first texas trip ever!], to see some old friends.  i can't wait to blog about that trip. 

nyc recommendations:
dinner on friday night at le baratin in the village
lunch on saturday at elephant and castle in the village
dinner on saturday night at the four seasons in midtown
brunch on sunday at french roast downtown

another weekend away.

well, we are packing up our car and heading out for yet another weekend out of boston.  i told you we'd be taking advantage of this 2-of-us time, and i was not kidding.  we are headed out to NYC this weekend for some much need family time - celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and the birth of our first niece!

i'll be back next week - and hopefully with photos galore, especially of that new baby : D