she and him at the show.

obviously i am going to post about the concert.  i'll share my drink recipe tomorrow :)

the show was at the pavilion right on the water in waterfront, which was so lovely.  of course this added exponentially to the heat, humidity, amount of sweat i worked up dancing, and my ability to wear my hair that i had actually been able to straighten and curl [imagine!] down.  but whatever.  zooey absolutely killed it - boy oh boy that girl can SING.  she was fabulous.  before the show, PI asked me what my top five songs were that i wanted to hear.  i listed six because, of course, i couldn't decide.  and luckily i got to hear five of the six, so that ain't bad!   most of the songs played were off their newest album, but so many were from volumes one and two - they played almost all of my old favorites.

well, remember yesterday when i said, "oh and don't you worry... there will be pictures.  oh yes, there will be photos"?  well, that was a lie.   turns out cameras are not allowed on this tour.  but it was ok, because to be perfectly honest when i was singing and dancing my heart out the last thing i was thinking about was my camera or cell phone.  i would have totally spaced it anyway. 

but i did manage to snap a few before they went on stage, while we were grooving along to camera obscura. 

but here was the thing that was most amazing to me.  i have never had anyone go to a show that i wanted to go to with me.  i mean, we did the U2 show, but that was just as much for PI as it was for me, and plus the tickets were a gift!  this was so special because PI isn't really a she + him fan - that's my department.  but he found out they were coming to town and was totally on board for getting the tickets.  and while we were at the show he didn't sit around and pout about being dragged out, he was dancing and having a blast with me.  i know this is, like, a staple of marriage, but i can be my real true self around PI.  i don't mean that i can dance or sing around him - i mean i can dance and sing i like i usually do at home, alone, with my broom when i am around him.  and he won't make fun of me, or stare and laugh.  instead he tells me i look beautiful.  and it just doesn't get any better than that, folks.

so to sum up: epically wonderful. 

high high #36

i know it's still morning, but i can tell you what the best part of my day is going to be.

the she + him show tonight on the harbour!

for real - does it get any better than that?  it seems like ages ago that we bought the tickets - and no joke, ever since february i have known what i was going to wear to the show.

stupid, maybe, but i don't care.  i can not wait to curl my hair [despite the heat], throw on my blue eyelet anthropologie dress, slide on some lipstick and sing my heart out at the show tonight.  it's been a long time coming for a happy night such as this, and my heart is super happy that i get to go tonight.  

oh and don't you worry... there will be pictures.  oh yes, there will be photos.  

and just because i love you guys, here's my favorite she + him song from volume three.  

maybe i can't just pick one, so here's another favorite. 

so i know what i'll be doing tonight.  

be kind to yourself.

some days are harder than others.  and i have to say, there are some days where it is hard for me to be positive about myself and my body... after all the crap it's put me through.  so on those days, a little dose of positivity goes a looooong way.  like this lovely song from she & him, entitled 'me and you.'

well i'm back in your good graces again / remember when you told me / that i was your only friend / well you made the best of this life / where you never knew / one day from the next / dig your heels in a little girl / put them to the test / you gotta be kind to yourself / you gotta be kind to yourself /well i heard you had the blues again / seems like all those little things / add up in the end / well i know that you heard a lot about / things you can't control / so many things we like to have / we just cannot hold / you gotta be kind to yourself / you gotta be kind to yourself / you gotta be kind to yourself / you gotta be kind to yourself

and if that doesn't help, you can always go to the nicest place on the internet and get a hug

hope you are having a most excellent day!

til next time...