jamaycation + auntiehood!

well, it’s been back to the real world for me!  we got back home from jamaica late last night – what an amazing trip it was.  the trip down to montego bay was a little hellish, but luckily philip & i are so good at traveling together (read: we don’t get frustrated and we keep one another entertained, mostly like little kids) that we didn’t even let our eight hour layover in ft lauderdale get us down – not even when it was raining so hard we couldn’t go outside to get a breath of fresh air… not that it would have mattered because when i did try to walk outside the hot, humid air hit me like being slapped in the face by a hot, wet towel.  gross.
the long layover, shitty airlines (never fly spirit!), and bizarre hour and a half drive from the airport to our hotel in runaway bay all proved worth it once we finally got to the resort.  after checking into our room overlooking the ocean, we headed to the outdoor bar to sit down and finally relax.  i don’t know if any drink has ever tasted as great as that pina colada tasted.  we spent our weekend laying on the beach, talking, reading, laughing and sipping any fruit juice we could put rum in.
i should say that i am a water person.  i am totally obsessed with the water.  there are a few possible explanations for this – i grew up spending my childhood and all of my summers until recently on our family’s beach in port jefferson.  now i don’t necessarily believe everything about my zodiac sign, but i am an aquarius.  and aquarius are the water-bearers, and usually have an affinity for water.  this could not be more true in my case.  every time we’d go to the beach as kids, i spent the entire day in the water, and even now as an adult i can’t visit either coast without heading to the beach to just get my feet wet.  i’ve never been one of those women who goes to the beach to sunbathe and not swim – you’ve gotta do both!  so needless to say, we swam a lot and even rented snorkels on our last day, which was such a blast.  the best parts of the trip were the moments when it was just philip and i in the water, goofing around in the sea.  or the night we took a bottle of wine to the beach and sat in the beach chairs, in the dark, listening to the waves and drinking wine.  it was so romantic.

view from our balcony
view of the ocean from the pool with swim-up bar!
can't get enough of the ocean...
our spot for three days on the beach
me + my first love - the ocean.
courtesy of rocks on the beach and my camera timer!

saying goodbye - lobby of our lovely hotel
but the most amazing part of the weekend didn’t happen jamaica, it happened about 2000 miles north of the island up in new york.
my beautiful, amazing, strong cousin N had her baby two and a half weeks early!  little jack michael arrived early early sunday morning… while i was talking to philip, saying there was no way she’d have the baby while we were gone because she wasn’t due for almost three more weeks.  ha.  here is the picture of the little angel and my newest nephew!

i am already officially in love with him.  he's an angel.

one more week of maycation...

what i'll be doing today.

i've officially checked out.  yesterday was my busiest day (work, phone bank) before vacation, so now it's all downhill from here...

i've never really been into reggae, but i took a vinyasa hot yoga class set to reggae music a few weeks ago, and i can't seem to get it out of my head.  luckily it fits will with our upcoming jamaica trip, so i thought i'd share some reggae for everyone to get a smile on their faces today.

so i'll be listening to this on repeat all day.  enjoy!

happy tuesday friends!

2 days til jamaica! 

and a huge shout out to my brother for house-sitting while we're gone!  whooooo!   
til next time...  

jamaican me crazy!

disclaimer: there are no shortage to silly jamaican jokes and puns that i can come up with, so if those will annoy you don't read this. 

so philip and i have been trying to plan a trip for memorial day weekend.  we've been hoping to get out and visit some family, because we have a few days off work and we haven't been on a plane since january (which doesn't sound long, but is a record for us).

but while trying to decide where to go and who to visit, i jokingly said we should blow it off and go on a getaway the two of us. after joking about it for a while, we looked into it 'just for fun' and, well...

we are headed to jamaica a week from today!

well, really, it's a week from tomorrow since we don't get to jamaica til thursday :) we found some awesome fares and a pretty reasonable all-inclusive, so we are headed out.  the last time the two of us were on a trip just US was october 2010.  when we got together we decided that we would leave the country at least once a year, because travel is really important to us and we didn't want to sacrifice it just because we were getting married.  well, in 2011 we decided to put that trip money towards a newly remodeled upstairs bathroom, so we didn't get out of the country. and it's been weighing on us ever since. we've talked about doing an all-inclusive for over a year now. neither one of us has ever done the whole mexico-spring-break-all-inclusive thing. our trips tend to be a bit more cultural - morocco, spain, paris, prague, etc. but secretly i've always fantasized about laying on a beach, drinking and playing in the water with my husband. and since i'm absolutely terrified of mexico right now, we were able to find a good compromise in jamaica.

maycation just stepped up to a WHOLE new level.

oh good god - i just had the realization that i have to put on a bikini in one week. scary shit.

and NO - i haven't forgotten to update you all on my tennessee trip - i'll post some pictures soon!