the biggest boy's room.

you know how sometimes you find a space and you just feel a connection?  sometimes it's a coffeeshop, or maybe just a park.  this is one of those spaces in my home.  a place where i feel totally comfortable, happy, and at ease.  i've blogged quite a bit about julian's nursery, and it's graced quite a few internet pages [style me pretty and the interior design blog designs by katy, to name a few].  

julian's room has always been one of my favorite rooms in our house.  we've moved this room to three different houses now, and while it's mostly stayed the same, each time it's been changed just a bit to fit the space.

but now the space has grown into a big-boy bedroom, and i could not be happier with how it's turning out.  i thought i'd share a little bit about how we grew the space from a nursery to a toddler's room and what i love so much about it.  

i shared our nursery story last summer here.  in a nutshell, it's about how i had a bright and sunny space in mind for a girl and once we found out we were having a boy, i wasn't sure how to translate that into a boy's room.  but i'm so, so glad that we did.  we picked benjamin moore's simply white for julian's room and gives his room the perfect bright, neutral look we wanted.

when we first moved into our new house, julian was still in his crib.  we had all the same things that he'd had in his nursery since we lived in chestnut hill, all the same pieces for art and storage.  luckily, this room finally had a lot of wall space, something we hadn't had before in our highlands house. there had been a few things that we had gotten for his room but had never been able to hang up since there wasn't enough room, so we finally got to put those in.

the toddler bed is new.  julian's been in a bed about two months now, and he absolutely loves it.  it was one of those transitions he was ready for and he never looked back at his crib.  we waited a couple weeks before taking it out of his room, and waited a few more weeks after that before moving out the rocking chair.  for weeks before taking the plunge, philip and i debated about the kind of bed we should get for julian.  we knew fin was going to use the crib, so that was out of the question.  but how to transition... toddler bed?  twin bed?  bunk bed?  what's the best option?  we ended up going with a toddler bed that grows into a twin bed from ikea [julian actually picked it out himself, but we are pretty sure that's because the floor model had truck sheets on].  this meant we had to buy a new mattress and new sheets instead of using the ones from his crib, but it's worked out well.  he loves this bed so much and we recently extended it to the mid-length between toddler and twin.

the night stand used to be a side table we placed by the rocking chair with all of my nursing essentials.  it holds his lamp and sound machine.

the bottom two art prints are from iviebaby on of those flash sales elizabeth often runs on her printables.  i bought them on a whim and i wasn't sure where they'd go, but i'm so happy they've found a home here over julian's bed. [one says be brave, little one and the other says you are our greatest adventure.]  i am so very happy that we went with a more modern look for his nursery, because it has been incredibly easy to transition his room from baby to toddler.

the two adventure posters used to hang over his crib.  he loves the balloon and the deer.  depending on his mood, sometimes he tell us it's a mommy deer and a baby deer, and sometimes it's a daddy deer and a baby deer.  when we first ordered the storage bins from land of nod, i wasn't sure what would go in them.  today they overflow with stuffed animals and books.  one of these days i'm going to have to order another big one, i think.

the teepee and lights are now my favorite part of his room.  the teepee was julian's first christmas present from santa and was meant to stay in our living room in the highlands house as a semi-attractive way to house toys and baby stuff, and serve as a quiet play area for him.  but since moving to the new house, we have lots of room for it to stay up in his bedroom.  it moved out temporarily when both his crib and the big boy bed were in his room, but it's back now and in it's rightful place now that the rocking chair is out.  we recently decorated it with globe lights [we originally bought them for our patio but that didn't work out], and they give the whole room a nice glow.  above the teepee is his scratch-off world map for his travels [he gets one travel-themed gift a year from us and this was his first one], the adventure banner i ordered for him but never had enough wall space for until now, and the zebra that he and philip named larry.

i recently hung the mirror to julian's height [it's actually the only mirror in his room] and he loves being able to look at himself.  i couldn't find the right place for this mirror in the new house.  i don't need it my height and he loves to utilize it so win-win.

the dresser area hasn't changed much since we first set it up in chestnut hill, and we are still using the kitchen cart for diaper necessities.  the blue pom poms were leftover from his first birthday party and needed a place to live.  the small black camera on the left is our baby monitor, and that fan is actually a specially-designed space heater for kid friendly places.  julian's room is very drafty and we noticed it was dipping into the low 60s or even high 50s [!!!] overnight in the winter.  this space heater fixed it all and can also just be used as a fan.  we now use the numbers over his changing pad for stuffed animals and other toys to keep him occupied during diaper changes, and the little white box next to the pad is filled with lotions and creams we use on a daily basis.

this gallery wall is also a recent addition, though it's not actually in julian's room.  with some nails, gold ribbon and small clothespins i made a quick gallery wall for his artwork on the small space between the boys' rooms.  it's a huge source of pride for julian that it's hung out in the house for everyone to see, and will regularly draw or paint a picture and request to hang it up on the wall.  i'm probably going to have to make another one soon.

the thing that has worked out the best about julian's room is how much he loves it.  it truly is his safe space where he often runs up to on his own to play, read, or just be.  which warms my heart the most.

a new nursery for a new baby.

it wasn't all my life i dreamed of having babies.  it was an idea that i 'evolved' on, much like politicians and common sense public policy.  i never saw myself as a mother of boys, or with a big mixed brood.  i thought we'd just take it one baby at a time.  so when i was pregnant with julian, we came up with some name ideas for a boy and some for a girl.  i played around with nursery ideas for a boy, and nursery ideas for a girl.  when we found out we were having a little boy, we used our boy name idea and our boy nursery idea.

and now that we are having another boy [!!!] i am out of boy nursery ideas.  also boy name ideas, but i have a little more time on that.

luckily one of my favorite people is the brilliant designer katy of designs by katy, who swiftly helped me put together another nursery for our second little boy.  we are re-using the crib julian sleeps in now, since he will graduate to a big boy bed, and so i wanted the colors to be closely related.  and since we are going with a color story for the new house, i also wanted the decor to match the rest of the house.

does this lady know my style or WHAT?  i'm also constantly impressed that she time and time again shows me what to buy from west elm -- because although i love that store every time i walk in there i can't find anything i'm in love with.  and then katy suggests it to me and i'm like, 'i need that in my house right now.'  that dresser, that banner, that basket!

it's perfect.  don't be surprised if you see some, or all, of this stuff in little boy's nursery come january.
now if only i could convince her to name him, too...

[also, in case you missed it -- here's katy's ideas for our grown up master bedroom, some of which are coming with us to the east side house!]

our nursery story.

it's not all too often that you get to design a whole room in your house, start to finish.  there's usually stuff you begin with.  a chair you've had with you since your dorm, old kitchen glasses your mom gave you when she got new ones, an old tv stand from a friend of a friend who was just going to throw it out.  you decorate around them, you use pieces until you can get just the right one you've been looking for to replace it.

but nurseries are different.  just like a baby will exist where no one ever did before, a nursery is kind of the same.  you start with an empty room and just create.  everyone takes a different path designing a nursery, but no matter which way you go it's a really, really fun thing to do.

now that we are having another baby, we get to design another nursery.  we are acutally finding out on monday -- maybe even AS YOU ARE READING THIS, is your mind blown or what?! -- if we are having another little boy or our first girl.  and that will of course influence the nursery design we go with.  and once we do a new nursery for a new baby, it is the way of the world that julian's room will no longer be the nursery.  it will be julian's room.  just like he will no longer be the baby, his room will not be for babies any longer.  it will be a big boy -- really, a toddler -- room.  he'll get a new bed, some things will be moved around, and it will all be different.

so before we start on a new nursery for a little boy or a girl, i wanted to do one more post about julian's nursery.  it's one of my favorite rooms ever.  i've shared it all on my blog and it's been featured over on style me pretty and designs by katy.  but when my girl alex asked me if i might be
interested in sharing my #nurserystory for a series they are doing at wayfair, i happily obliged.

a little backstory on julian's nursery.  for a little girl, i knew just what the nursery should look like.  bright white paint, some splashes of accent color that wasn't heavy on the pinks, with a modern style and bohemian twist.  but i had no idea what to do for a little boy.  as a huge hockey fan, i thought i could do a hockey-themed nursery, with vintage posters and memorabilia.  or since philip and i are kind of space nerds, we thought about doing a space-themed room.  see the thing there?  it was heavy on the theme ideas, which isn't really my kind of thing.  i didn't want julian's room to feel so totally different from the rest of our apartment at the time.  since i was convinced we were having a girl, i didn't worry too much about what to do for a boy's nursery [or name, for that matter].  and so when we found out we were having a boy, i was shocked.  and i had no idea what to do.

it didn't take long to figure out that the idea of a heavily themed room, like space or hockey, didn't sit well.  it just didn't quite feel like us, like something our baby would really like.  if he asked for that when he was six, ok.  but i didn't want to decide what his interests would be already.  a small part of me felt sad that i wouldn't be able to use some of the bright and cheery artwork i had picked our for a little girl's nursery.  and then.  i realized. . . why couldn't i?

a boy's room could be white with splashes of color, a dash of whimsy, and modern.  what was girlie about that?  so i went back to my idea of a girl's nursery and made a few tweaks.  i wanted a space that would be light, bright, and brimming with positivity, with no gender-heavy elements.  there wouldn't be a theme, per se, but i picked a general 'adventure' idea to get us going.  animals.  mountains.  hot air balloons.  as avid travelers ourselves, we knew we'd want to encourage exploring, adventure, curiosity.  we went from there.

i threw in some sentimental pieces that would keep me feeling connected to the space, since i knew i would be spending a looooooot of time in that nursery.  i hung a picture from our wedding, the menu from my baby shower, our first ultrasound picture, and some little graphics to keep a smile on my face.  since we couldn't paint the walls would stay white, so we picked a white dresser and nightstand to match.  we added some teal and coral to accent the space with color -- which turned out perfect, since orange is julian's favorite color today.

and a couple pieces to remind me where he came from.  a picture of my great-grandmother and her sister, the matriarchs of our family.  a sketch of the tyn cathedral in prague, where philip and i met.  and the 'wishes for baby' scrapbook pages philip and i filled out at my baby shower, to keep those thoughts in sight at all times, even the rough middle-of-the-night times.

the finished product turned out so much better than i thought it would.

just like having a baby.

let's hope the next one is the same way.  nursery, that is.

and baby, too :)

*all photography by hogger & co photography.