it's the most wonderful time of the year.

once upon a time i used to be a sports blogger.  i wrote for a blog that sadly no longer exists called thin air sports, and i was their writer for all things hockey.  mostly i wrote about the avalanche, to the surprise of no one at all.  from live-blogging martin bodeur's record-breaking attempts to calling adrian dater stupid, i did it all.  and now no one really listens to me talk hockey except for philip, because he has to, and my dad, who just talks over me and says really smart things like 'patrick roy sucks,' and my brother, who has been doing great things like writing 'i'm gay for jose' on a whiteboard at the avs game with me for YEARS.

for me, today is like the first day of the christmas season.  the kind of season where you got all your christmas shopping done early, so you don't have to stress AT ALL.  this is how i feel today.  i can sit back and enjoy the playoffs knowing my team didn't make it  [*sniff sniff* go avs] instead of having a legitimate panic attack at a bar during conference semi-finals when we have to face the red wings.  author's note: yes, that actually happened.  but here we go.  it's christmas!  or maybe even better!  because instead of eggnog it's beer, instead of carols it's marek v. wyshynski, instead of fancy party dresses it's playoff beards, instead of festive films it's non-stop playoff hockey, and instead of all that good-natured crap it's me yelling at the tv and hugging a pillow to my chest.

there's politics, there's religion, and then there's hockey.  in my family, the greatest debate of all time has not been about taxes or political parties, but rather patrick roy's place in the line of greatest netminders of all time.  it's what we do.  loyalties are tested this time of year.  my dad is a die-hard rangers fan who lives in boston.  my brother left denver for boston years ago and his allegiance to the avs has been waining, especially since he goes to as many bruins games as he can.  philip didn't even know hockey existed before we met [kidding], but he's joined ranks with my dad as a rangers fan.  and i am left rooting for the avs, all by myself, usually.  but this year, there are no avs.  no duchene breakaways, no brilliant saves from varly.

and so today i am the girl blowing off yoga class to drink beer and cheer for the caps, then switch to the montreal-ottawa game during commercial breaks.

should be a good night.

ps - in case anyone cares, i'll be sharing my bracket picks on twitter.

what i'm up to today #8.

hi friends.  two big stories coming out of the blog today:
  1. i'm still super pregnant.
  2. olympic hockey starts tomorrow.
that's pretty much what's going on around here.  my mom was here for the weekend [she left yesterday] and it was a fantastic time.  for the record, all times with her are fantastic.  she's my mom, but she's also kind of like my best friend.  i just feel like myself around her, and we have so much fun.  we laugh and laugh and laugh and shop.  this trip was almost like any other.  we did some shopping.  we went out to dinner and spent time with my brother and PI.  but there was something very different for me. the knowledge that this was the last time i would just be a daughter and she would just be a momma was very present for me.  the next time mom comes out to see me, i will hopefully be in the hospital giving birth.  there's all kinds of stuff that comes into play here - namely, flight plans and birth plans - but mostly fate.  if she's meant to make it out she will.  otherwise she will be there shortly after the baby has arrived, and will spend a week or so with us at home with the baby.  and it's a strange feeling to know that for the first time ever, the next time i see my mom i will be a mom.  it's a little unnerving. there were definitely lots of tears when we said goodbye.

truth be told, i'm a little scared.  a lot scared, really.  it's not the birth that scares me, but the momma stuff.  there are a million questions i have, like how do you burp a baby?  how often will he want to nap?  how can i tell if he's hungry?  how often will he want to nurse, and how can i tell he's eating enough?  what will i spend my days doing with him once it's just the two of us?  people keep saying, 'you just figure it out.'  telling me i have all these great mama instincts stored inside me, deep inside somewhere, that will just come out along with the baby.  i hope to god that's true.

last night i spent more money in one sitting than i ever have before [except our mortgage of course].  babies need so much stuff.  a mattress, a stroller, all the diapers, sheets, bottles... you name it, i bought it in the last 24 hours.  we have to get his room set up.  i think setting up his room and all those boxes that will be delivered here over the next week will add lots of excitement - because guys, this is really happening.  soon.  like, less than two months from now.  there will be bottles on the counter, baby clothes in the dryer, diapers hang drying, baby shampoo on the side of the tub, a bassinet in our room, a nap swing in our living room.  all these reminders, everywhere, that life is going to be changing.

it's a strange thing, to want something to badly, and then to know you're going to get it.  in my line a day journal, i'm getting to the part where we had our second miscarriage.  well, i'm getting to the part where i got pregnant, we'll say.  so in the final days leading up to our baby's birth, i will be reading every day about how gut-wrenchingly awful those days were, just a year ago.  how desperately we wanted something that it seemed like everyone else could have so easily.  how i didn't think it would happen and was very quickly losing my faith.  but now... now our little one is almost here.  it's a strange feeling to be getting exactly what you wanted.

so anyway.  here's what else i am up to lately.
watching miracle.  it's that time of every-four-years.  the good stuff [olympic hockey] starts tomorrow, so gotta get amped up a bit.  i'm loving the drama surrounding it already - putin has stated that the men's hockey gold medal is the only one he wants, and the game is scheduled to be the very last olympic event.  all the makings of an epic game, no matter who plays it [but especially of it's russia]. i haven't watched it yet - but probably tomorrow before the first USA game on thursday.

listening to a labor playlist i made to make sure none of the songs annoy me.  gotta try that bad boy out!

reading everything i can get my eyes on about the life + death of PSH. i know it's a little gross to read all that celebrity trash - and i really don't - but PSH was such an extraordinary man who has left quite a hole in the world of many.  there are some amazing tributes out there, if you are interested.
  • tom junod's piece in esquire about PSH's final secret
  • daily show moment of zen clip on work ethic
  • ty burr's lovely article in the boston globe
  • aaron sorkin's obituary in time on how PSH saved 10 lives
missing my momma already.  momma, if you are reading this, can you come back now?

not bending over anymore.  i'm convinced that's the mark of a pregnant woman - is there shit all over her floor that she can't be bothered to pick up?  because that's my house.  the other day i dropped my cell phone and left it on the floor until PI got home from work and could pick it up for me.  i wish i were lying.

drinking water.  all the time.  and the occasional diet coke.

crying less, actually.  if you can believe that  :]

super excited to be finally working on the baby's nursery. guys... it's just going to be the happiest, best place in our world.  i know it.

wearing lots of leggings and those stretchy $5 skirts from h&m.  pregnant lady's bff.

obsessing over baby names.  i haven't shared any because we still don't have one.  so that's a bit scary.

high high #37

it's october 2nd.  which may not mean a lot to anyone, especially out here in new england.  but back in denver, today is quite a big day.  it's hockey christmas.

aka opening day for the colorado avalanche, widely regarded in my apartment across the country as the best hockey team in the country.  even though they finished 15th in the western conference last year [our of 15].

but it's a new season.  a lot of things have happened over the summer.  coack patrick roy, a new division, alex tanguay is back, i could go on and on and on and on.  but i won't bore you all, because i'm sure most of you aren't hockey fans.

however, hockey is a big thing to me.  and it's a big thing in my life, and in the life of me + PI.  he's a huge basketball fan and i'm a huge hockey fan, and he has really embraced hockey in a way i can't really say i have about basketball.  but we have one sport to watch together, which i guess is better than nothing.  even if he says he's a rangers fan [ugh].

the very first hockey game we went to together was back in prague, and we took this goofy photo acting like goons.

october 2006
and since then, we have taken pretty much the same 'hard core' hockey face pictures at every avalanche game we've been to.  don't believe me?  well...

february 2007 [i was home from prague visiting, he flew in from LA]
october 2007 [you can see my engagement ring there!]
december 2007 [hence the santa avs hat]
april 2008 [that's my brother aj there, not me in a man mask]
april 2008 again [playoffs!]
september 2008 [back in CO and less than a week from walking down the aisle]
october 2010 [2 days before leaving for africa]
february 2011 [a much more tame pic]
yeah.  so we are kind of nerdy.  and speaking of nerdy, here's a little infographic for you avs fans!

so tonight, kick back with a beer and tune in for the colorado - anaheim game.  it won't disappoint!  happy hockey day!