i'm back [kind of]!

hi blog friends!  the last two weeks have been, well, kind of insane, and i mostly wanted to let you all know a few things.
  1. yes, we had to cut thailand short.  but we are both alive and ok.
  2. i have not abandoned my blog.
  3. but i am still kind of enjoying my blog-hiatus and am taking some much-needed time off.
today is not the day for the full thailand-story-download, but here are a few things we did:

lit candles and burned incense at temples
dropped coins in buckets for monks
saw billions of buddha statues - and never got tired of them
saw this statue do a better yogi squat than i can
went barefoot everywhere
climbed to the top of wat arun
mastered the camera self-timer travel snapshot
fell in love with the transport of longtail boats
lazed away days on the beach
made friends with monkeys
it was a pretty epic trip.  i am still going through the 500+ photos i took before i got deathly ill [yeah... more on that later]. 

but i must say - i am happy to be home, enjoying the comfort of my bed + italian food :)

blog hiatus: thailand bound!

happy friday!  if you're a regular reader of my blog [thank you!] you'll know that i am headed to thailand today.  it seemed like just yesterday we booked these tickets... but anyway.  as you read this, i have already gone, up miles high in the sky.

i will be instagramming my way through bangkok, krabi and chiang mai!  so make sure you follow me on instagram to check out what we are up to across the globe.