happy mama, happy baby. necklace giveaway!

i've kind of been hitting the jackpot lately.

so i'm deciding to spread the wealth.

first the lovely candid of the jones market gifted me a free necklace, and then i won a crib sheet from ivie baby.  hit the mama jackpot.  so for the next few days you'll find me entering all the giveaways hoping my hot streak continues.

but let's go back a sec.  I LOVE THE JONES MARKET.  yes, this required all caps because i love them so much.  i buy those necklaces like hot cakes.  like hot cakes on sale.  they are super comfy, can dress up my dress for date night or lay right over my tee with no makeup on and make me feel pulled together.  they keep the little mush's hands at bay while he nurses, distract him on shopping trips and keep him quiet on airplanes.  they're magic.  i'm partial to the single strand infinity necklaces, but you really can't go wrong with the necklaces or the bracelets.  even julian agrees, and often times will be caught wearing my bracelet as a necklace.  it's one of the cutest things he does.  and even if i weren't a mama, i'd still wear them.  those big beads and colorful straps are the perfect, effortless statement piece.

i buy them for gifts -- often for new mama friends of mine -- and for birthdays and mother's day.  when i see a sale pop up sometimes i'll buy a couple just to have around to give as an unexpected gift when the moment arises.

and since i had one just lying around, waiting to be given, i'm giving it to you.

this giveaway isn't sponsored or anything, i just love them and wanted to give one away.  so enter below and i'll pick a winner before i head out to california on thursday morning.   

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happy monday, ladies!

on not procrastinating this year + a giveaway!

i love getting mail.  to me, there's nothing quite like opening a letter, the ink fresh and the sentiments true.  it's something the internet will never replace.  i find every excuse i can to put something in the mail - birthdays, anniversaries, hey! i was thinking of you!, invitations, photos.

except when it comes to christmas cards.  i never send out real, tangible christmas cards.  i wait til the last minute, usually grab a snapshot of philip + i from our christmas cocktail party and blast it out in [GASP!] an email. there is enough to do during the holidays, right?  shopping to do, parties to attend, christmas cookies to eat.  so christmas cards, well, they get pushed to the back burner. 

but not this year.  this year, things will be different.  our photos will be posed! and no one will have been drinking!  and they will not be in the form of an email! we will look grown up!

this new thought process of mine is mostly due to the brand-spanking new lavender + grace design studio.  with colorful and modern designs, bianca's cards are irresistible.  her christmas cards range from religious to playful to understated.  no matter what your style, there's a card to fit it.  for sure.  she's even got a few christmas cards that double as seasonal decorations: photo greeting on one side, but turn it around and voila! you've got a sweet little piece of holiday art.  i want a few just to frame.

here are a few of my favorites of her newest designs.  

psssssst... there's tons more designs in her etsy shop

the best part about these christmas cards?  they are currently being offered at a DISCOUNT to my blog readers.  just enter the code SOALAINA20 at checkout and you'll get 20% off of orders $100+ now through christmas.  so even if you end up pulling an alaina and procrastinating til, you know, christmas eve, you can still get the discount.

but why pay 20% off for something when you can get them for free?  just enter the giveaway below for a shot at winning 100 complimentary custom christmas cards [say that ten times fast, if you're bored like i am]. 

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good luck friends!  winners will be announced after thanksgiving, so you've got a week to dream up designs. 

babilovlinks giveaway!

hey guys!

today i am so excited to bring you my very first giveaway.  as a soon-to-be new mom, i didn't even know things like this existed.  baby friendly jewelry - necklaces that are 100% safe for your little one to pull and chew on.  so without further delay, here is a bit about babilovlinks from the creator herself.

enter below for a chance to win one of two necklaces being given away! 

BabiLovLinks ® Child Friendly Jewelry – “Momma’s Treasure – Little One’s Pleasure ™ – Fashionable for Mommas – Safe for Babies! – GIVEAWAY! 

The Company
BabiLovLinks ® Child-Friendly Jewelry is a “made in the USA” product and provides a Line of Fashionable and Trendy Jewelry created to be worn by mothers and caretakers of small children but also enjoyed by little ones!  We have an edgy thirst for artsy fashion and color that will please the wearer by complementing various wardrobes and also satisfy your little one.  We plan regular additions to our line that will help you to build your own personal BabiLovLinks collection.

The Product
BabiLovLinks jewelry was created for the enjoyment of mothers/caretakers and babies!  Mothers of small children no longer have to eliminate or limit the wearing of jewelry.  BabiLovLinks  jewelry allows Momma and Baby to share precious moments together during breastfeeding, cuddling, or playtime.  Whether they are used as a breastfeeding necklace, nursing necklace, or teething necklace – our child friendly jewelry is the perfect solution to satisfy many of your baby’s sensory needs.  BabiLovLinks designs are child safe when used as directed.  They are durable, long lasting, and encourage safe carefree play. 

At BabiLovLinks safety is at the top of our list!  Our beads are made from high quality food-grade plastic and contain NO phthalates – NO BPAs – NO PVCs – NO latex – NO lead – NO heavy metals.  We recommend maintaining your beads by washing them with a chemical-free detergent and not exposing them to the heat of and/or chemical residue of a dishwasher cycle.  BabiLovLinks necklaces also have a breakaway clasp designed to snap open under pressure to protect the wearer. 

Mommas and caretakers enjoy coordinating fashion with the practical needs of the little ones they hold while keeping babies safe and satisfied!

BabiLovLinks are sold on our website at www.BabiLovLinks.com and we also partner with other specialty baby shops and online stores.

Hello my name is Eva Murry.  I am the designer/owner of BabiLovLinks ® LLC.  As a young stay-at-home mother I stopped wearing most any jewelry due to the nuisance and potential danger to my child as a curious and “teething” little one.  As well known to every parent or observer of little ones, everything goes in the mouth.  And we know that curious little fingers and teething babies can also damage fine or costume jewelry. Consequently, removing jewelry from my wardrobe was a small sacrifice to make – keeping babies safe and happy were my main concerns at the time.

As a grandmother, I have, once again, had the wonderful privilege of handling babies.  At six months old, my granddaughter Mia’s curious nature quickly reminded me of the reason I had stopped wearing certain jewelry.  When our families visited one another, she would specifically lunge for me; I really thought I had the “special touch”.  I soon realized that Mia was not as interested in being in my arms (and not momma’s) as she was in playing with my beads.  And also amazingly Nichole, too, had put away her jewelry for all the same reasons as I had years ago!

From that realization (thanks to Baby Mia) came about the creation of BabiLovLinks ® (child-friendly) jewelry!  Momma and Baby together can now enjoy the same jewelry!

BabiLovLinks Child-Friendly Jewelry is giving away two necklaces of the winner’s choice.  This giveaway must have only participants within the USA. There are four hosts: Michelle from Baby Bump Bundle Blog, Alaina of So Alaina, Bev of Linkouture, and Lakisha of Brooklyn Born Kisha! Good luck!

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