lovepost p. 2

greetings from montreal!

it's soo beautiful and snowy here. the beer is great, the people are friendly, and the food is amazing (hey, we are talking about the city that invented poutine here!). but perhaps the best part of montreal so far is that my cell phone is turned off - no calls, no texts. emails only, and even then only when we are at the hotel.

but today i am writing to share that the second post of mine is up on LOVEPOST! so go and check it out... and then think again about remodeling your bathroom.

happy march everyone!


hi all, and happy friday!  i am so happy to be writing this from sunny california instead of snow-covered boston for once.  a little sunshine and warm air is doing me a lot of good so far, and i am pretty stoked to spend the rest of the weekend with our family and friends out here.

but i am also happy for another reason today - today i get to share that i am doing some blogging with LOVEPOST!

LOVEPOST is the online destination for love [as well as one of my favorite websites].  readers can share their own love stories and proposal tales.  but more than just love stories, they have great tips on wedding planning, dating, and now, tales from newlyweds.  i have been sharing some tales from our bathroom renovation, sharing our story as well as what we learned along the way.  i'll be sharing weekly updates of adventures from our house, as well as updates from our married life in boston.

i hope you'll hop on over to LOVEPOST, explore their site, and check out my first tale of the bathroom.

happy weekend to you, friends!

til next time...