happy mama, happy baby. necklace giveaway!

i've kind of been hitting the jackpot lately.

so i'm deciding to spread the wealth.

first the lovely candid of the jones market gifted me a free necklace, and then i won a crib sheet from ivie baby.  hit the mama jackpot.  so for the next few days you'll find me entering all the giveaways hoping my hot streak continues.

but let's go back a sec.  I LOVE THE JONES MARKET.  yes, this required all caps because i love them so much.  i buy those necklaces like hot cakes.  like hot cakes on sale.  they are super comfy, can dress up my dress for date night or lay right over my tee with no makeup on and make me feel pulled together.  they keep the little mush's hands at bay while he nurses, distract him on shopping trips and keep him quiet on airplanes.  they're magic.  i'm partial to the single strand infinity necklaces, but you really can't go wrong with the necklaces or the bracelets.  even julian agrees, and often times will be caught wearing my bracelet as a necklace.  it's one of the cutest things he does.  and even if i weren't a mama, i'd still wear them.  those big beads and colorful straps are the perfect, effortless statement piece.

i buy them for gifts -- often for new mama friends of mine -- and for birthdays and mother's day.  when i see a sale pop up sometimes i'll buy a couple just to have around to give as an unexpected gift when the moment arises.

and since i had one just lying around, waiting to be given, i'm giving it to you.

this giveaway isn't sponsored or anything, i just love them and wanted to give one away.  so enter below and i'll pick a winner before i head out to california on thursday morning.   

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happy monday, ladies!

fall faves.

well, it's officially fall here in denver.  i think.

it's a totally lame and cliche joke here in colorado that it's the only place you'll use your heating and air conditioning in the same day.  but the thing is, it's totally true.  we go from 40 degrees during the week to 80s during the weekend sometimes, with a random snowstorm thrown in, sometimes as early as october or as late as may.  so, yeah, we gotta be prepared out here. 

so here are a few things i am currently obsessing over for fall that i've made my own [except you, madewell clutch - i'm comin for you!] and am totally loving.

you can bet a few of these will be in my suitcase this coming on the road with me to seattle... especially those wellies.  and that hat.  and the dress.  ok, all of it.

i'm gonna need to pay that checked bag fee.

my closet is a little lighter.

since philip and i have been living in the states, we have moved seven times.  in seven years.  each time we move, i feel like i have SO MUCH STUFF.  moving makes you want to throw everything away or sell it on craigslist.  and this is coming from someone who is sentimental to a fault - like, i have every wedding and birthday card saved for ever and ever. 

so it just works out that here we are, moving, and on my 30 before 30 list is to considerably downsize my closet.  i put this on my list because i have always had so many clothes and shoes and bags - but i really only wear a small fraction of them.  and some of them are kind of crappy.  so i decided a 30 year old woman should only have things in her closet that she wears, and certainly nothing she was able to wear in high school or in college.  and whenever i shop i just add to and would never follow the 'one in, one out' rule, which has led to just a build up of STUFF.  so.  i threw stuff out, donated stuff, and brought some to consignment.  it's not like i'll never shop again - and at this age, it's more important for me to buy quality pieces that will last instead of what's trendy. 

part of the reason i had built up so much stuff, i realized, is because getting dressed is kind of a reflection of who you are.

i have a a very distinct style, but really it's a few different styles that i blend or pick and choose between. because no one wants to see the BAGS of stuff i donated shoved into the back of the prius, here are a few of my favorite looks from pinterest that i see as different aspects of my style.

fun. flirty. off the wall.
and i can be a little girlie...
...but mostly i feel bohemian and thrown together
with a dash of nerdy...
and a polish of zooey deschanel-esque cuteness.
 so.  another one bites the dust.