travelogue // montreal

it just dawned on me as i sent an email to a friend with montreal recommendations that i still haven't blogged about our trip!  it was such a wonderful weekend fulled with smiles, snow, hockey and poutine.  pretty perfect for me.

our first day, we spent the late morning and afternoon walking around old montreal, filled with churches, colorful buildings, great shopping, and wonderful food.  some of the best we found was mechant boeuf bar & brasserie and taverne gaspar - what foodies those canadiens are!

our second day, we spent some time walking through montreal's underground city, which was basically like giant connected malls one after the other, all underground.  then we took the metro to poutine la banquise, which makes over TWO DOZEN kinds of poutine.  that's right.  two dozen.  we sample a few, and each one was more amazing and guilt-filled than the last.  that evening we had our hockey game - which was the main point of our trip to montreal.  centre bell is definitely worth seeing whether or not you are there to see a canadiens game.  the history of the team is amazing, and being into the team made it all so worthwhile and meaningful.

canadien beer at la banquise

me + guy lafleur!

our last day we stumbled upon the most amazing place for brunch - griffintown cafe, and explored the area around it.  we didn't spend too much time reading guide books or researching where to go.  besides the bell centre, we ate our way through the city and wandered wherever we felt like it, spending most of our time in old montreal.  it was such a great trip, being only five hours from us, and i would happily go again [but maybe in the spring]! 

pretty awesome birthday gift, if you ask me :)