lately around these parts...

actually, i haven't even been around these parts.  i've been in vegas, yo!  i feel like you all are thinking, 'ok, she said she's going to blog more often, then the blog is blank for a week. wtf?'  but there were no computers on my vacation, and i kind of loved it.

we traveled to las vegas to celebrate pi's uncle's wedding.  it was a huge family reunion of sorts, with all of us holed up in a spanish mansion off the strip, cooking and swimming and laughing.  it was wonderful. 

playing pass the baby!

enjoying the patio and barbeque

easter eggs!

saturday on the strip

the venetian
our little gondolier

the happy couple who hosted us!

cocktail hour on our formal night for the celebration.

auntie nat with baby james. she has a way with those babies :)

our nephew little man easter egg hunting!


who could not LOVE that little face?

lounging by the pool on easter sunday

uncle philip & little man - buds for the weekend.

we were so blessed to be able to still go on our vacation.  something came up and we weren't sure if we'd be able to travel, but we lucked out.  and it turned out that a little bit of sunshine went a very loooooong way for us.  i'm one of those lucky few with amazing in-laws, and the trip was such a welcome break for us from the gloom and dreariness of boston lately.

luckily we've come back to some sunshine - so we should be able to get out more!  i'm so excited to start exploring boston more, and the sunshine should make that easier.

hope YOUR weekend was as fantastic as mine, and your family is equally awesome.

til next time...!

california sunshine medicine.

there is nothing quite like escaping the dreary greyness of a boston winter for a quick trip to sunny california - especially when your time in california is dotted with trips to the beach and kisses from your adorable nephew.  it's pretty much the best medicine for the mid-winter blues i could ever imagine.

PI holding our new nephew, james, for the first time
i LOVE little james' face here as he looks up at his uncle!

kisses from ryder, now two [!!!!!]

the cutest little goof ever

spending our last day hanging out on the beach

my two great loves - the ocean, and PI

our pants were pretty well soaked from standing in the waves

i could get used to tagging along on business trips with PI... relaxation, family time, and nephew kisses.  what's not to love?

as for us here in boston, we are supposed to get anywhere from one to twelve inches in the next few days.  you'd think they would be able to narrow it down a little more than that.

hope your week is going as well as mine!  :)

a very good place.

feeling super awesome today.

a few days ago i had an epic breakdown about school. heading into this semester i was very optimistic about not having night classes - that was kind of rough the last two semesters. this semester classes are over my lunch hour at work, which i thought was kind of awesome. turns out its really difficult to switch mind sets back and forth from work to school to work to homework at night.

but i am finally in a good routine i think. weekend classes don't start til after labor day, so i don't know how long this will last, but it's good right now. the end is in sight. my classes are interesting. work is going well. fall is right around the corner. and there are LOTS of fun things coming up to look forward to each month to break down the semester into more manageable chunks:

  1. beer tasting party this weekend! we are having a bunch of friends coming over saturday for a gourmet beer sampling, which means i am by this week getting the house ready. finishing up trim painting, pulling weeks, cleaning, putting out some fall decor,
  2. my sister-in-law n is coming out in the middle of september! she's never been out before me we have some very fun plans and day trips on the agenda.
  3. trip to nyc the weekend after n's visit! a wedding, meeting my little nephew for the first time and seeing all our family and friends. not to mention a welcome 5 days off of school and work.
  4. trip for p's birthday in october! this one is a surprise, so i can't say anymore than that. but it's going to rock.
  5. thanksgiving in la - and we are road tripping! sure it's a lot of time in the car, but with a stop in the mountains and possibly vegas (not to mention its at least $400 cheaper) its perfect. a week off from school and getting out of town.
  6. and by december it's graduation time. done and done.
keeping my head up and my heart strong!

til next time...