2013 in 12 photos.

so, i probably should have done this sooner.  it's a new year and as the first day of that new year i suppose i ought to be looking forward, not backward.  but i did something pretty cool last year that i really wanted to share.

last year when i moved out to boston, my mom and i were worried about not spending as much time talking.  we're pretty tight.  so on new year's day last year she called me quite excited because she had an idea.  we would each take a picture a day - could have been something special we did that day, what we had for dinner, a beautiful sight we saw - and upload it to a shared file in dropbox so we could each see what the other was up to each day.  

over the last week i've seen lots of my friends post their favorite photo of 2013.  i scrolled back through my instagram page, wondering what i would have picked as my favorite.  but a more accurate description of my year wouldn't be from instagarm - it would be from my daily photo challenge with my momma.  so, lucky you, i am going to share with you my favorite photo from each month - the photo that kind of summed up my month.  


january was a major transitional time for us.  we spent about two weeks crashing in my dad's guest room before we were able to move into our perfect south end loft.  since i was home all of the time, and PI was home most of the time [a HUGE adjustment for us!], we were mostly unpacked + settled within the month.  so this is a photo of my unpacked + styled bookshelf that i took one january day.  


my favorite photo of the month - also taken on my birthday.  i was walking down tremont to get a mani//pedi before our dinner date in the north end [strega, duh].  february was a good month, but i felt it was more a month about me - not just because of my birthday.  i decided to get back to work on my book, which allowed me to feel more settled and comfortable in our new place.  it was good. 


far + away the hardest month of the year.  march 20th we found out our baby we were over the moon about had no heartbeat, and on march 25th i was sent home with a paper bag full of drugs to have our miscarriage at home.  this photo was taken march 28th, three days into the miscarriage [which ended up lasting 5 days, not just 12 hours].  my mom came out and surprised me, which i desperately needed.  i would never have survived that month without my husband or my momma there to support me, and most importantly, just hold me.  


it's another one of those days everyone will remember where they were - especially us bostonians.  the marathon bombings not only changed our city, but they had a big impact on my relationship with boston as well.  i felt a sense of home that hadn't really kicked in since our move to boston, and PI and i spent many, many days after the 15th outside exploring our beautiful home.  this was taken after the bombings but before the lockdown, when we walked the freedom trail just for the hell of it and we saw the first signs of spring.


may, the month of medicine.  in may we had our first visit with a fertility specialist to find out why it was so hard for us to get pregnant.  there were blood tests, 3D ultrasounds and awkward conversations about our sex life.  this is me and a stuffed uterus in our specialist's office during our initial consultation.  but it wasn't just the month of doctors for me - my brother also had his knee surgery in may, and for a few weeks i played the part of full-time nurse.  we watched a lot of movies.  but in the end we both turned out healthier than when we started the month.  


yoga.  early in the month my girlfirend smita introduced me to back bay yoga studio, and immediately after that first afternoon hip hop yoga session i found myself there every single day.  it was hugely theraputic for me, and not to mention good for my body.  so june was the month of yoga, and this was my daily setup.  


july was a happy, happy, happy month.  this is me on a typical july day, being happy [although incredibly sweaty].  maybe it was all the yoga, maybe it was finally starting to feel a little like myself again after the miscarriage... whatever it was, PI and i had a great july.  we bought an air conditioner.  we had wine and grapes outside in our courtyard.  we saw she + him. we went to revere beach.  we just hung around and had fun, and it was a super fabulous time. 


thailand, obvi.  but more than just traveling to thailand, august was a month for the books for me + Pi.  we found out about pregnancy #3 in thailand and man oh man did my man take good care of me.  i learned immediately how strong + supportive he could be, moreso than he ever had been even before.  thanks to my yoga practice i was able to let things go and surrender the pregnancy to the will of the universe, knowing it was out of my hands.  there was some stress in august, but mostly it was big smiles, naps, and airplane rides for us.


september will be remembered as the month of my girlfirends back in denver.  a big, scary event in the life of one of my best friends brought me to denver for a week unexpectedly, and i spent every single day with the girls above.  i was reminded how, no matter where we all live, we are always there for each other.  our lives all look so different now, but when shit goes down there is no other group of girls i'd rather say i know has my back.  it was a roller coaster ride but a good time to be back at home with my bestest ladies.  


in october i gained a new family.  my mom found the love of her life and six kids from five different states flew down to st john to celebrate their live and get to know each other.  while it may have looked like just a vacation, i flew home with a new step-dad, two step-sisters and a step-brother.  pretty fantastic.  and sure, the island wasn't too bad either.


and all of a sudden, there was the belly.  it's true - one day you wake up and think, 'where the hell did this belly come from?'  i started looking and feeling really pregnant, and the pregnancy started being more of a focus in my life.  we worked on the registry.  we found out that we are having a boy [!!!].  we started talking about names and nurseries, birth plans and bassinets.  i guess, all of a sudden, it becase really real.  


december is always about the holiday season, and this year the holiday season was best summed up by this photo of my mom's amazing christmas mantle.  thanks to obligations at the highlands house as well as the difficulty of flying during pregnancy, we planned the trip for two and a half weeks.  and as i am now typing this our trip has been extended to three weeks thanks to the huge nor'easter about to whoop boston the day we were supposed to fly home.  so i get a few extra days to celebrate the new year with my friends + family in denver - never a bad thing.

so that about sums up my year.  we aren't doing picture a day again in 2014, but the journey in 2013 definitely inspired me to take note of the little things that happen every day.  because it really is true that nothing changes day to day, but when you look back on a year, everything is different.

boston pride.

so i know it may be boston information overload this week, but that's how it's been in my life, and this blog is a reflection of what's going on in my life, so there you have it.

pi and i decided to get out yesterday and walk around the city yet again.  i don't know if it was being locked down on friday or just the attack in general, but we have been a little stir-crazy in the loft.  so we decided to go out and enjoy the city.

seen on newbury street - words of support + pride
the thing is, boston is an amazing city.  we have only lived here for a few months, but i have been coming here for over a decade during weekends and the summer to visit my dad, who moved out here when i was in high school.  it's never really felt like much to me - maybe like my dad's home, or like a place i was familiar with, but i never really felt like i could really live there.  even when we moved out here, as much as i have loved it, it hasn't really felt like my city.  it's just been where we live, not our home.

but this week has really changed all of that for me.  i feel a very different, very distinct connection with the city of boston now.  it feels like my home, finally.   and i have a sense of pride and feel very protective of my city.  boston has so much to offer, and now that it's springtime here and it's just inexcusable to sit around inside and not enjoy our city. 

washington's statue in the common

graveyard of samuel adams

signer of the declaration of independence, robert paine
original boston city hall
plaque honoring mary chilton
old state house

boston massacure monument
and what a really awesome city that is.  we walked part of the freedom trail, stopping at some historical bars along the way.  now i know this sounds crazy, but when you pop into an old pub off faneuil hall and see a handfull of drunk old men singing 'sweet caroline' between dropkick murphy's songs, there's just a certain affinity it provokes a certain emotion.  because the history and the people are what make this city - my home - so great.

til next time...

locked down.

i did not expect to wake up to this.  but of course, i'm sure no one in our city did. 

we spent the day yesterday walking around our neighborhood, much of which was barricaded off due to president obama's visit.  it was a beautiful spring day, the kind where i went home and baked rhubarb strawberry bars with all the windows open.  it was lovely.  i thought president obama gave a lovely speech.  we don't have cable so after we walked around down tremont, we stopped at our usual hangout parish to have a beer at the bar and listen to it.  i wiped away tears as i sipped my beer.  we tried to get going, running errands out to pick out a new tv stand, and hung out at home the rest of the evening.  we even went to bed kind of early.

site if the interfaith service yesterday

watching the speech at our local bar
and when i woke up, it was at 7am to a phone call from my dad, saying 'please tell me you're at home.'  we immediately got up, brewed a big pot of coffee and tuned into the news on our laptops.  we stayed in bed, watching the news in disbelief yet again.

so what does one do while they are on lock down?

start drinking martinis at 2


take a cat nap

watch mindless netflix - LOVE the new tv stand btw!

it might seem silly to be doing things like drinking martinis while doing my laundry today.  but to be honest, i don't know what else to do with myself.  i have been reading the stories about the victims of the bombings that have been coming out, and i can't stop reading and thinking about them.  the 27-year-old who helped identify one of the suspects, who just had both legs amputatedthe newlyweds who both lost their left legs while cheering on runners.  the 17-year-old who had an artery ruptured, and whose mother lost both her legs.  the 29-year-old who died, whose parents thought was ok after an identity mix-up.  this is all to say nothing of the children, the eight-year-old who perished and the other children that have been severely injured.  it's just too much to handle, to think this all happened a few blocks away from my home, and that one of the men allegedly responsible is still out there, running around our city. 

our city is a ghost town today.  but it still looks like a beautiful spring day.

view into our courtyard today.
til next time...