30 moments.

so, the other week, i turned 31.  firmly in my 30s now.  there's no going back.  not that there is ever going back in age, but... i wouldn't want to.  because when i look back, it turns out 30 was filled with some really spectacular moments.

and for the record, 28 moments and 29 moments.

a snowy day coffee date with my sister and julian at huckleberry, sipping coffee and cuddling my dude

having our family photos taken by rebecca caridad for julian's birthday

singing happy birthday to julian, surrounded by family and friends, feeling how full my life is

having julian eat birthday cake on my lap while philip + i sipped champagne and toasted to surviving his first year

having dinner outside at our house in highlands and spontaneously booking a trip to europe... after a bottle (or two) of wine

sunday morning cuddles in bed with my two boys after some drama in our family, feeling so thankful

pushing julian on the swings at bleecker street playground with my godmother on our visit to NYC - it was rainy and julian couldn't stop staring at the buildings around him

watching julian feast on my nanny's spaghetti and meatballs, then fall into a food coma for 12+ hours

late nights during the family reunion in DC, talking and laughing over bottles of wine

deciding we might kind of be ready to talk about having another baby...

...and then finding out i was already pregnant :)

running my first 5k with my stepsister

after a rough start, getting the call that my HCG levels had improved so we could go ahead with our trip to croatia and italy

the afternoon we spent at the zoo with julian before we left for europe and julian headed to grammy camp for 10 days

having our flight cancelled at the last minute and riding business class to frankfurt

taking a day to drive from split to dubrovnik and stopping all along the makarska riviera

walking the walls in dubrovnik

our day in positano, sleeping and reading and eating and swimming with no cares in the world

julian's first trip to the beach in LA

seeing baby #2's heartbeat and learning all was well [not my doctor's first opinion], and the new baby really was coming

taking my dad to the U2 show in boston and sneaking into the pit at his insistence

central park zoo with aunt michele and julian, watching him feed goats

sunday walks to the farmer's market in what became our family tradition during the summer and fall

watching the sun set on the porch of the stanley for philip's birthday and breakfast in bed the next morning

julian's first halloween trick or treating, watching him walk around dressed as nemo

hearing julian say mama at bedtime, calling me into his room

having christmas tea at the brown palace with my mom for her birthday

christmas morning in our house, with julian really getting it, all of our family around

every moment of my labor with finley, but especially his water birth with philip right behind me

julian climbing up onto our bed when finley was less than a day old, and stroking his sweet baby cheek

i had a hard time narrowing it down to 30.

i have a feeling it will be the same way for 31.

29 things.

my 29th year was a year full of discovery of a ton of great stuff.  great habits, companies, and products that made my life just a little easier... here are my 29 favorite things from my 29th year.

toms // a little late to the game.  but these shoes?  amazing.  and anything that's get one, give one is aces in my book.

not washing my hair // yep, life changer.  not doing my hair every day is one of the best things ever.  it takes a lot of time, man!  that is time i could be sleeping or eating or online shopping while the baby is napping.  i use a variety of dry shampoos but honestly, more often than not, i just brush it out and put it up when it gets too greasy.

grey's anatomy // i hate-watch this show but it totally got me through the first few weeks of days alone with the mush when philip first went back to work.

the jones market necklaces // i don't buy myself much jewelry [blatant lie] but when i do, it's a necklace from the jones market.  i'm partial to the single strand infinity necklaces, but you literally can't go wrong.

that little boy loves my jones market necklaces.

coconut oil // just like everyone else in the world, i use this for just about everything.  taking off makeup, dry skin, frizzy hair, putting it on the baby, cooking with it, just about everything.

boba 4g baby carrier // we are big proponents of baby-wearing around this house, and this was a game changer.  philip and i can both wear it and it basically meant we didn't have to travel with our stroller once this year.  amazing.

society6 // i am constantly asked where i got the art for julian's nursery, and this is the answer.  i love the support you can give to small artists, the variety and the versatility [pillow cases? clocks? mugs? cell phone cases? yes!]

miss jessie's pillow soft curls // i bought this right as i was packing my hospital bag before julian was born, knowing i wasn't going to be drying my hair for quite some time.  this stuff really works and made my curls more than tolerable... almost pretty.

miss jessie's non-crunchy curls [also unwashed].
aden + anais bamboo swaddle blankets // we use these for just about everything with julian.  cuddles at nap time, shade in the sun, blankets to play on, spit up rags, tissues for a little nose, you name it.  the best.

iTunes radio // since we gave up cable many moons ago, there isn't any news-watching around here.  and since i'm chasing a crawling 10-month-old these days, there is no time for internet news reading. but in the mornings when we come downstairs i can put on NPR through our apple tv and get caught up on the world.

chemex  // ok, i don't actually own one of these [yet].  but it was love at first taste, and it totally changed the way i drink coffee and the kind of coffee i drink.

local coffee // local coffee roasting is blowing up here in denver, and i just can't get enough.  my favorites are novo and huckleberry [you can catch me + my sister there twice a week].

novo! can't recommend it enough.
baby gap // i'm buying julian a new wardrobe pretty much every three months, and baby gap makes it easy, cute, and affordable.

dropcam // i'm a little on the fence with this one because when it doesn't work it frustrates me beyond belief.  but about 90% of the time, being able to check in on julian from anywhere via an iPhone or iPad app is pretty much amazing.

madewell jeans // i will never wear any other jeans again.  for real.  boy jean, high rise skinny skinny, you can't go wrong.

the one piece bathing suit // when we went to california over the summer i knew we'd hit the beach, and i wasn't feeling totally confident in my two piece [and, if i'm being totally honest, my new milk-filled boobs didn't fit in my bikinis anymore].  so we looked and looked and LOOKED for a good one piece until i found the one, and it allowed me to focus on things like julian playing in the ocean for the first time, and not on how i looked.  i may never go back.

me + my mama bathing suit.
face time //  [this was on last year's list too] since julian was born, we do a LOT of face timing.  so this make the list again.

podcasts // it started with the longest shortest time right after julian was born, continued with elise gets crafty, and then i found serial.  obsessed.

birth // not a tangible thing exactly, but it played a major role in this year.  i have read approximately one zillion birth stories [mother load here], watched shows on birth, listened to podcasts on birth, and even [briefly] looked into becoming a doula.  i'm into it.

wubbanubs // julian's favorite and the first paci he could grab and put in his mouth meaning i didn't have to do it.

parenthood // i started watching parenthood when i was still 28, but got really into it shortly after julian was born when my mom came to visit those first couple weeks.  easily my favorite show of my 29th year.

my breast pump // thank you god for this invention, which i absolutely despise but which allowed me to do things like go to seattle, have date nights, and pump and dump.

almond milk // since i had to give up dairy after julian diagnosed with allergic colitis, i turned to milk's nutty cousin [ok, that was lame]: almond milk.  i could never have made it through without this stuff.

pinhole press // my new favorite website for printed goods, like calendars and photo books.  we made a gorgeous book of our maternity and newborn photos with julian and they turned out just perfect -- elegant and fancy but priced just right.

one of my many pinhole press creations this year - our baby book//maternity book
arm's reach co-sleeper // this made all the difference in the world for us when we brought julian home [more about it here].  i am convinced it made breastfeeding easier, too.

motrin // i managed to avoid all painkillers throughout my entire pregnancy and birth experience.  afterwards though i was introduced to a world of hurt in the form of breastfeeding.  all i can say is thank you motrin.

line a day journal // i've been doing this for three years now, but i have valued it the most this year, julian's first year of life.  so many things i want to remember every single day.

my nalgene // i've never drank so much water as i have while breastfeeding, and i no longer go anywhere [read: anywhere] without this bad boy.

ilia lipstick // i put some of this on and BOOM.  it's date night.

my always favorite red lip.
and in case you're interested, here's 28 things.

30 before 30.

i was about 28 and a half when i came up with the idea of my 30 before 30 list.  my brother aj, philip and i all decided we would do them together [my brother is only 18 months younger than i am, so he had a little bit more time than we did] and immediately got to work.  it took a couple months of tweaking, by right around the time i turned 29 i had the list finalized.  it has been, by far, one of my favorite things.  it's kept me motivated and engaged throughout the last year and a half, trying new things, making headway on my to-do list and stepping outside of my comfort zone once in a while.

let's see what i did -- and didn't -- get to check off my list.


have a living will.  done.  morbid, but necessary.

learn to make pretzels.  done.  i've tried a few recipes and feel like i am pretty good at them, now.

have a signature perfume.  done. it happens to be the perfume i wore on my wedding day, and have been gifted multiple times by chance. [ha!]

become a mom.  done.  what an amazing experience.

join a book club.  done.  i even one-upped myself by creating my own book club.  it's grown and i love it.

colum mccann for the win at book club.
love what i see in the mirror when i'm naked.  done.  and i still am loving my body these days.

be able to use my camera in manual.  done.  though i don't always use it, i feel much more comfortable.

plan something special for my 30th + my mom's 55th.  done.  girls day coming up soon.

take myself on a date.  done.  best date ever.

me on a hot date.
considerably downsize my closet.  done, thanks to our move from boston.  i used to use three closets in our denver house, and now i only use one. 

learn to clasp my bra in the back.  done, thanks to christie.  THANKS CHRISTIE!

'pay it forward' to a stranger.  done.  i've bought coffees just for the hell of it and delivered chili and a baked potato to a woman who needed it.   

have a glass of wine outside at extra virgin.  done.  can't wait to go back.
paint something for our house.  done.  twice, actually. 

my itty bitty watercolor, my favorite so far.
start a family tradition.  done.  we started a few at christmas, and i've started one with julian every month the night before his birthday. 

find our forever home.  done.  forever.

sing karaoke.  done.  philip and my closest friends threw me a surprise party on my birthday night at a dive karaoke bar.  in a word: yikes.  

go away for philip's 30th.  done.  can't wait to go away for mine :)

find a bottle of white wine that i love.  done.  hello pinot gris, my white wine soul mate.

me and my wine.
go skinny dipping with philip.  done.  one of my favorite moments of 2014, hands down. 

reunite with 'us three.'  done.  can't wait to do this one again, too.

sit on the glass for an avs game.  done. 

learn to knit or crochet.  done.  thanks grandma -- couldn't have done it without you. 

crocheting the day away.

run a 5k.  i'm registered to run the diva dash with my step-sister [gruesome twosome!] , but it doesn't take place until may 2nd.  so... partial credit?

make photo albums of my digital photos.  so close.  i finished albums of all of our trips and have started on each early album, so i should have this done within the next two months or so.  i can't wait to have them all in my hands!

be debt free.  close... but not quite.  by 31!

master the headstand.  not done.  having this on my list gave me something physical to work towards, and though i haven't mastered the headstand i can say i have at least mastered crow and bird of paradise, which are pretty intense poses [for me].  so i feel good about this one.

finish my book.  not done and fighting the urge to give up and throw it in the trash.  but the important thing was that having this on my list kept me motivated to get a lot done, which i did.

these last two i tried to complete, but get an 'excused' for not being able to complete them.
*donate blood.  breastfeeding got in the way of this one.  i tried, but after a zillion questions and a mini-physical, i was turned away.  bonfils told me they would happily accept my donation when i' done nursing.

*get another tattoo.  this is not something you should do while nursing, i learned, and my tattoo artist advised me to wait until i'm done breastfeeding.  so sometime after julian's birthday i will work on this one.