thailand: bangkok

i did not take nearly enough photos in bangkok to share what it's really like.  but even if i took a thousand more photos, i couldn't really explain what bangkok is like.  i'd need video.  you'd have to hear the sounds of the streets, of the tuk tuks whizzing by, of vendors yelling prices in the street markets, of music and boats on the chao praya.  but i'd also need to share the smells with you.  the smells of dried fish being sold in baskets on the sidewalk [although you may not like that smell much], fish grilling in markets, fruit being sliced open around you and handed over in little bags to eat right on the street.

but, since i don't have any of those, you'll just have to settle for these many, many photos.  these are just my favorites from bangkok - trust me, there are a ton i am keeping just for me.

and if it's too many for you, well, just skip it.

up next: krabi!