...and then everything changed.

did you know that if you write a book, the first question anyone will ask you, no matter what, is:

"what's it about?"

i did. and now you do, too.

so since i blasted all over the internet that i wrote a book, now i'm back to tell you a little bit about it and what it's called. 

the book is about that moment when you know your life isn't going the way you want it to, and what happens after that moment. do you make a change? do you continue down the same path, hoping things will turn around at some point? 

adriana finds herself at this point. she has a somewhat steady boyfriend, a job, her own apartment, and a full schedule of college courses.  but the day before her 21st birthday, her grandfather dies unexpectedly. what follows are revelations of family issues and secrets she never saw coming. within weeks, adriana finds herself questioning her life and what she wants out of it. what makes her happy? 

impulsively, adriana sets off on a journey to answer this question, ending up in prague (is this sounding familiar yet?!) to finish her studies. and it's there, in a country she's never been to, with a language she's never spoken, living with people she's never met, that she finds not only herself but something more than that.  i won't give it away but YEAH I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. 

if you've ever been faced with a major life decision, this book is for you. if you've ever found yourself questioning your life path, this book is for you. if  you like to read, this book is for you. : ) 

if you're still reading this, i'm sure your question is: so is this a true story then? 

short answer: no. it is undoubtedly BASED on a true story -- very obviously, MY story -- but liberties have been taken. characters have been fictionalized or wholly made up. so while it may feel like it's a glimpse into my life, i do want everyone out there to know that this is fiction. it's a version of the truth of my story.

and as for the title? after much, much, MUCH deliberating... 

and then everything changed.


the title is a play on a song that has a lot of sentimental meaning for me,  as well as a play on a line from the book -- and of course speaks to the broader themes, as well. 

and then everything changed is how i like to look at life. if you were to ask me a question on whether or not you should make a change, this is the standard advice you would receive: "yes, because if it doesn't work out, you can always [move back/quit/try something else/transfer schools]." meaning, yes. make the change. because if you don't like it, you can always change back. what's the worst that could happen -- you end up exactly where you are now? and what's the best case scenario -- that everything could change? yep. 

so, i hope you're intrigued. i hope you're excited. i hope you're also ready to wait a little bit longer -- while i don't have a firm launch date right now, it's looking to be early fall. and i could not be more excited, or ready, to wander down this path.  it's been a long journey, but i'm grateful for every step. but also grateful that it's almost done.