i wrote a book.

a few days ago, i was sipping a cold brew and discussing a marketing plan for my book with a friend and marketing wiz. as we brainstormed ideas, he asked me a simple question.

"does everyone know you're writing a book?"

i started to answer, "of course!" and then the words caught in my throat. um... no. they don't. more than a dozen exchanges popped into my mind when i said something casually about working on my book and a friend/family member/acquaintance replied, "i didn't know you were writing a book!" 


so my friend, the marketing wiz, wrote in big bold letters at the top of my to do list: TELL PEOPLE YOU WROTE A BOOK. 

as a creative mind, marketing and self-promotion do not come easily to me. sitting down to write a book is no small feat, but so far i can tell you it's come easier than attempting to draft a marketing plan, since the very first thing on this list is perhaps the most obvious part of anything.

so let's backtrack.

guys, i wrote a book.

about four and a half years ago, philip got an awesome job offer and we picked up and moved to boston. i had just graduated and left my job, so i arrived with boston with a clean slate. other than find us an apartment, there was nothing on my to do list. once that first item was completed, rather than looking for a job, i found myself opening my laptop and writing. it's what's always come natural to me in times of change or turmoil. and within a few months of working, i had the beginnings of a novel. of course before too long we had a baby to occupy our time with, and it took me a while to get back to the book. and then another baby came along... and it was a while before i could pick up that book again, half completed and saved away on my laptop. but last summer, the stars aligned and magic happened. after being offered a scholarship for a weeklong writing workshop on martha's vineyard, i flew away and finished my book. last summer. 

moments after finishing my first draft

moments after finishing my first draft

since then there has been a vigorous editing process, including two full re-reads, shuffling of chapters, throwing some in the garbage for good, resurrecting others after changing my mind, beta reads and bottles of wine and one billion emails between me and my editor.  but, two drafts later, i have a final draft. and my editor sent it back to me a few days ago, which means... it's done.

to be real, i have to finish formatting the book and wait on the cover art before it's totally done. but that's minimal. the hard stuff, the big stuff, is done. 

so, there you have it. i wrote a book.

want to know what it's about? 

come back in a few days, and i'll tell you aaaaalllll about it. (pssst -- if you don't want to have to check back here, sign up for my email list, and you'll get an email with all the details).