dear finley: nine months.

hi my big chunker.

you're nine months old today.  you've officially spent longer in this big world outside than in the safe world i provided for you inside my body.  it's always a little bittersweet for me, this milestone.  but you?  you don't seen to notice or mind one bit.  this last month has been a huge, banner month for you.  in the last month, you've cut two new teeth, started pushing yourself up to sitting, pulling up to stand, chewing, and CRAWLING.

that's right.  at just about 8 and a half months you started moving around on those little hands and knees. it didn't take you too long at all.  you tried for a week or two before you figured you could just scoot those little knees along on the floor without even having to pick them up.  and so that's what you do, the moment i set you down anywhere.  you lean forward onto those chubby hands and off you go.  if your brother is around, you make a beeline for him.  if he's not around, you make a beeline for his toys -- usually the dinosaurs, the ones he doesn't like you to play with.  it's so adorable.  

another bittersweet milestone for me... you're starting to become less of a mama's boy.  not that we don't still have our special bond.  but for the first time, this past month, you've started to reach for other people.  your grammy, your aunties.  you're a little lover, a cuddler, a flirt -- and not just with your mama anymore.  i get a little jealous sometimes, of course.  but mostly, it's so wonderful to see you blossoming.  

finley, you've been at your sweetest this past month.  crawling over to me to ask me to hold you.  pulling yourself up in your crib so that when i walk in your room to get you after you've woken up there you are, greeting me with a big smile on your face.  the big smile you get when your brother plays with you.  the way you'll explore anything now on your own.  sitting in your high chair with your little mouth wide open, just waiting for the next bite. 

as always finley, it's bittersweet, this 9 months.  this past month was my absolute favorite.  but i can't wait to see what this next month holds for you.  for us.

i love you, my little fat boy.