dear finley: seven months.

hi my little fins.

this is the very first letter i'm writing to you that's late.  and i feel awful about it.  your seventh month here was such a blur, and it was the very first month that i missed any part of.

in this past month we had our first nights away from each other.  i was a nervous wreck.  you went to the airport to see me off, along with your daddy and your brother.  and you guys were all just fine, of course, but not me.  i cried.  i was going to miss you all, of course, but really my tears were for you.  how would you get along without me?  would you take the bottle?  would you miss me at night?  would everyone else know how to care for you just like i do?  and of course, all my worries were for nothing.  you were fine.  you were happy and silly and slept well and even learned how to nod your head while i was away.

and then you got on a plane with your brother and your dad, and you flew out to massachusetts to meet me.  seeing you again was just the sweetest.  that week was filled with firsts for you -- first trip to the beach, first swim in the ocean.  it was so much fun and you delighted me every single day.

in the past month, the biggest thing that's happened in your little life is that you've started having some solid food.  and, surprising us all, you hate it.  i've tried everything i can think of.  i've fed you in the morning, afternoon, and night time.  before or after nursing you.  purees of all sorts.  solid foods off my plate.  whole bananas you can feed yourself.  nothing has really taken.  while we were in massachusetts you seemed really into food twice, but it seemed to be a fluke.  clearly you are doing just fine calorie-wise.  your rolls are still making my head spin.

you're so big now.  not just because you're so chunky.  but you're sitting up on your own and playing with toys.  you're less interested in being attached to me all the time.  you're sleeping better and going much longer stretches without eating [mostly].  you're laughing more and making me hold you less and you're just all around the most loveable little guy i've ever come across.

oh, and did i mention that you look exactly like your dad?  because you do.  it's kind of mind blowing to me.

7 mos outtake.jpg

those little teeth!

fins, yet again, you've made me feel like the luckiest person in the world that i get to be your mama.  thank you for that.  i love you the biggest.