dear finley: eight months.

hello my dear sweet finsy.

yesterday you turned eight months old.  you are eight months old and teeming with life.  you're still the happiest person in this house by far.  everything amazes you right now.  birds.  foods.  mirrors.  laundry baskets.  playing hide and seek with your brother.  your face is almost always filled with wonder and joy.  it's the most fantastic thing to see on a daily basis and it's what instantly makes everyone around fall in love with you in a heartbeat.


i feel like this last month was a good one.  you've really started to fall in love with food.  two months in to solids and i think you're finally getting what all the fuss is about.  you're still really loving purees, but you will down the occasional slice of peach, apple, or half a pear in tonight's case.  your favorites right now are squash, sweet potatoes and anything with pears in it.  you definitely do not like avocados.  and you do not like entire bananas.  but you'll try just about anything, and so we keep experimenting.  


last week, sort of spur-of-the moment, we helped you learn to fall asleep on your own.  it was heartbreaking for me, just as it was with your brother.  but i want you to know i sat outside your door and cried, too.  knowing you wanted me and i wasn't there was hurting my heart.  i have to admit i was so relieved when you woke up later that night and i could throw my covers off and go right in to cuddle you close and nurse you.  but since you learned to put yourself down we've had our first night of 11 straight hours of sleep, so i know you were ready.  it's been good, so good, on all of us.  we're all much happier for it.


what really has me scratching my head this past month is that you are almost crawling. almost! getting up onto your hands and one knee, and trying to drag that last little leg behind you.  or sometimes getting up on all fours and then glancing around, waiting to see what should happen next.  every time you do this i think it is going to be the time you really go for it and i call your dad over RIGHTTHISSECOND so he can see.  and then you plop back on your bum, turn and smile at us.  it's so adorable.  your brother is trying to teach you and he will crawl around you on the rug so you can watch.  anything your brother is doing [or touching, or watching, or playing with, or eating...] you have to do, too.  watching your bond grow is something i never really considered before, but now it is one of the best parts of having you around.  you and julian are, already, best buds.  you look at each other and just start cracking up over things your dad and i don't get.  you kiss and hug and cuddle and laugh and play and every time it happens my heart grows bigger and bigger.  it gets better every month.

as i held you tightly before laying you in your crib the other night, i kissed your sweet cheeks and thought about how lucky i am that i get to do all of this again with you.  i've said it a hundred times -- you are the one that brings the joy to this family, little finley.  and if i could watch anyone experience life for the first time i'm just so happy it's you.  


i love you so, so much little guy.  you're just the sweetest.  fat and happy, forever and ever.