dear finley: ten months.

hi little chunk.

how are you ten months old? as always, this past month has flown by.  this past month we spent a of time away from each other.  your dad and i went on a trip and you got to stay with your very excited and loving grammy.  the hardest thing for me was saying goodbye to you.  you were fine, really.  you weren't sad to see me go, and all the tears were mine.  we face timed every day and i got to see your sweet face.  you were a little angel baby for your grammy, not waking her up at night or crawling into things you shouldn't get into.

the best thing in this past month has absolutely been seeing your little personality emerge.  you've started to get angry sometimes, when your brother tells you 'no!' or when i take away something you shouldn't have gotten your little hands on.  you have a mean, mean pouty lip. you can yell and holler when you're not getting what you want.  

in the last month, you've gotten a taste for big boy food.  whatever we are eating or your big brother is eating, you want to try too.  you've had chicken burgers and eggs and peanut butter toast in the last month, just to name a few.  and we have yet to find anything you don't like.  your favorite so far, easily, is yogurt.  you're a big fan of the plain vanilla, and you get so excited when you see the little cup come out.  you squeal and smile and open that little mouth of yours so wide.  

you play hard, you love harder.  you seek me out to give me cuddles, open your arms wide to those you love.  you rest your head on my shoulder and lay down on top of your brother.  you are generous with your  giggles and even more generous with your flirty smiles.  you're everything i hoped you would be and more.

i've written it to you a hundred times, but it will never be enough. i'm just so happy you've joined our family, my dearest, sweetest finley.

i love you the most.

your mama.